Cloud-enabled machine control applications

We believe the Internet of Things, where the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Revolution "dovetail" together, is poised to unleash new incredible power that will change our lives.


Dovetail Automata leverages open-source software, central to the Internet and Maker Revolutions. Companies reduce risk and increase bargaining power when adopting open-source software. Vendor lock-in does not exist, and enormous code and developer resources exist in thousands of project communities.


Since our company's founding, we have invested especially heavily in the Machinekit open-source machine controller project, which is proven in industrial applications and is powerful and flexible enough for the most complex machine control applications. In the year since we co-founded the project in April 2014, the software has made enormous technological leaps, the community has grown to hundreds, and received repeated attention from the media. We are proud that our vision is shared by so many others!

Let us help you

Dovetail Automata is ready to help you with your full application software stack, from core machine controls to user interfaces to cloud infrastructure.

Design, Build, Deploy and Manage...

Today, your hardware is only as valuable as the software that controls it, but software only grows more and more complex. We want to help you in all phases of your software lifecycle:
  • Design your software with cutting edge machine control technology and flexible, intuitive user interfaces.
  • Select and configure the best software building blocks, and develop custom hardware and software interfaces.
  • Build and deploy the entire software stack, from the application and operating system on the device itself to cloud services and mobile apps in the users' hands.
  • Manage your devices: software updates, monitoring, management information collection and user support.

...Machine Control and Automation Software...

Your machine needs the best control system. It may have numerous switch, sensor and encoder inputs. It may produce coordinated motion in motorized joints or talk to devices attached by field buses. Interconnecting these hardware components to perform accurately, efficiently and safely requires software components: logic gates, PLC functions, PID controllers, or even a complex motion controller.

We can help integrate your machine controls, and give you the power to do it yourself with tools intuitive to those with electronics backgrounds: programming optional. In the rare case you need custom components not available out of the box, we can help develop those.

...Accessible Anywhere, on Any Device

Universal access has never been in greater demand. Do your users want to:

  • Schedule their morning espresso brew from a smart phone?
  • Maintain control of a 20 ton CNC machine tool with a tablet even when stepping away from the main operator panel?
  • Analyze real-time production throughput data from a laptop on the road?

We make access easy, whether on the LAN or the cloud, whether on a mobile device or a PC, and on all popular hardware and operating systems.