Bleeding Realtime Kernel Packages Available for Jessie x86

Bleeding Xenomai and RTAI packages are now available for Jessie, x86 architectures.

WARNING: These packages are known not to work with Machinekit. They are for developer testing only. Most folks should NOT use these packages.

WARNING: These packages are unsupported.

Build Systems for Software Package Distributions

Looking for a package build system that does everything? So are we.

Dovetail Automata ships a Debian package distribution for the Machinekit project. The distro is small, and getting smaller as some dependency packages are being integrated into upstream distributions, but small doesn’t mean simple. We need builds for Debian Wheezy, Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty (at least), and for x86_64, i386 and armv7l CPU architectures. Packages contain interdependencies, and results of one build are inputs for another. And the kernel packages take a long time with two ‘featuresets’ per build. These all add extra requirements on a build system that, it turns out, most are unable to meet.

In our (ongoing) quest to find the perfect build system, we’ve investigated quite a number of options, ranging from free, cloud-based systems, to private instances of build service software, to simple chroot builders. Here is a simple comparison of those we’ve tried, a few we haven’t, and where we are today.

Happy Birthday Machinekit!

A year ago today, Michael Haberler, Charles Steinkuehler, Kent Reed, Alexander Rössler and I finally haggled out the final wording on the Machinekit project announcement email. As Michael clicked the Send button, we had no idea what to expect. Would anyone join our project, or would we hear only the sound of crickets?

Looking back, the first year has been incredible beyond anything I dared to hope for. In the next few days, check back for new articles talking about the year’s highlights and discuss some reasons the project has been so successful. But before anything else, I want to say,

Happy Birthday Machinekit!

I’m just incredibly proud to be involved with a project like this.